Guidelines for Writing
Endangered Species Reports

These are the guildlies for writing an Endangered Species Report. An Endangered Species Report should contain some, but not necessarily all, of the information below. Each report should meet all the primary objectives, and at least some of the secondary objectives. For some species, there may be enough information to cover each subject; on others, the information may be sparse.

Primary Objectives:
  • Height (and/or length)
  • Weight
    Breeding Habits:
  • Number of young (or eggs)
  • Fertility period (and long before the next possible pregnancy)
    Conservation Efforts:
  • What made the animal endangered?
  • When was the animal listed, and on which list(s)
  • What is being done, and by who?

Secondary Objectives:
  • Wingspan (if applicable)
    Breeding Habits:
  • Breeding season
  • Breeding location
  • Does the male or female guard the young?
  • Size of newborn (or eggs)
  • Gestation period
  • How long do the young nurse / stay with the parents?
    Conservation Efforts:
  • What more can be done?
  • Lifespan
  • Any special attributes (e.g. vision, hearing, smell, special appendages)