Wildlife Links

Other Wildlife Organizations

Vital Ground
Vital Ground, founded in 1990 by Doug and Lynne Seus, is a wonderful organization dedicated to preserving the ecosystem of brown bears, and by extension, all other animals who share their habitat.

Save the Arctic Refuge
A subsidiary of Defenders of Wildlife, this site gives you the opportunity to learn about the threats facing the Arctic refuge, and a place to send a letter to your state's representatives.

National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association
Wildlife Rehabilitation organization.

Wildlife Rescue League
In the Northern Virginia metro area, this organization helps rehabilitate injured animals.
The United States Fish & Wildlife Service
Here’s where you can find the listing of endangered & threatened species. Very little information on the species themselves though.

Hawk Mountain
"Hawk Mountain Sanctuary provides a high quality, year-round nature experience to an annual 75,000 visitors. During fall weekends, as many as a dozen interns, volunteers and staff spot birds and interpret the spectacle of migration for visitors."

Be A Sweetheart To Our Trees
An organization dedicated to saving our forests, and keeping President Clinton's roadless law in place.

Save Our Birds
In conjunction with Dawn dishwasher liquid, this organization works to help save wildlife that has been injured during disasters, such as oil spills.

Attracting Wildlife

Bird Watchers Digest.com
Bird Feeding Chart: Attracting Birds to Your Feeders
A great resource for first time bird feeders who are unsure as to what seed to buy for the birds they wish to attract.

Identifying Wildlife

One of the best sites out there. This site is sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, and in addition to having one of the best online field guides available, it also has wildlife e-cards, and a newsletter from NWF.

Wildlife Research

United States Fish & Wildlife Service
The Endangered Species List
The US Fish & Wildlife Service's federal list of endangered species.
Frogwatch U.S.A.
Frogwatch USA, an educational frog and toad monitoring program started by USGS in 1999, relies on citizen volunteers to gather information on frog populations throughout the United States. Sign up today to participate and help the USGS research the population changes in the frog and toad populations.